We are a company that specializes in the distribution of Liftex’s product: Web slings – round slings, specialty slings, and sling protection for various lifting applications. We at PPS Global believe our customers are the most important asset we have.

PPS Global is a company that strives to provide top-quality equipment to those who use sling protection as a necessity. We are a leading supplier to many of the lifters in the Houston, Texas area. We carry a large selection of Liftex products.

Our team is dedicated to providing quality products and quality service. We are able to offer a full range of industrial tools and equipment from the finest manufacturers across all industries, who make quality their hallmark.

Our company is based on a good business plan and good service from our suppliers. We also believe in developing a long-term relationship with our customers. Our objective is to support you with the best products at the best prices delivered when you need them by providing top-quality services.

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Delivering the products you need is just the beginning. PPS Global Supply goes beyond to deliver service that allows you to achieve optimization, efficiency and productivity. We are the industry’s preferred supply-chain partner, because the customer comes first.

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