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Why Personal Protective Equipment?

As a top-quality supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE), PPS Global can help you with all of your safety needs. We carry a wide range of products from head protection to eye protection to industrial boots and much more. With our wide variety of products such as Workwear, Eyewear Protection, Headgear, Hearing Protection, Cooling Products, etc., we’re confident that we can supply you with all your personal protective equipment needs of top-notch brands like MCR Safety, SAS Safety, and more.

PPS Global was founded in 1996 and has grown to become a large international company supplying products across the Houston, Texas area. The business offers an extensive range of clothing that includes Safety Clothing, Fire Retardant Clothing (FRC), Branded FRC, Face Masks, Face Shields, Hi-Vis Clothing, and many more. We also sell welding kits such as welding Glasses, gloves, helmets, aprons, jackets, etc. We also source other products such as Supplied-Air Systems, AED Storage, blowers, confined space products, ergonomics, knee protection, lens care, sampling products, Seasonal Climate Control, disposable gloves, coveralls. In addition to these popular items, we also supply safety equipment such as fall arrestors, work helmets, and safety vests at competitive prices. Our high-quality PPE (personal protective equipment) items are available for next-day delivery for our customers who need them urgently.

We offer both disposable and reusable personal protective equipment for your safety. Whether you need gloves, boots, glasses, or other gear for your workplace or home environment, we have what you need. Take a look at our broad range of products below to see what we have to offer.

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Delivering the products you need is just the beginning. PPS Global Supply goes beyond to deliver service that allows you to achieve optimization, efficiency and productivity. We are the industry’s preferred supply-chain partner, because the customer comes first.

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Face Masks

Face Shields

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Coveralls (Tyvek and others)

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Dual Cartridge Respirators

Work Wear

Safety Boots

Paint Socks


Respiratory protection

Cooling Products

Safety Cloting

Seasonal Climate Controls

Welding Jackets

Welding Helmets

Welding Aprons

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